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1. Shop! 2. Dakoooootaaaaaa!

HEYO! We had a howlin’ good time at MECAF! If you came by to talk to us or pick up our books there, thank you so much! It’s too much fun getting new wolves out in the world. Speaking of which: both new books are now up in the WOLFSHOP, with a special deal, even!

And NOW, for your preview-y pleasure, the first two pages of Dakota McFadzean‘s completely brilliant WEREPUPS comic!


O! M! G! We! Have! A! Shop!

You can now buy any and all issues of Werewolf! directly from your best friends at Werewolf HQ! That’s right, we have a shop, and we would love nothing more than to send you some comics! The path to the shop will always be lit by the link in the upper right hand corner of this here website. Please do visit, thank you kindly!