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HEYO! We had a howlin’ good time at MECAF! If you came by to talk to us or pick up our books there, thank you so much! It’s too much fun getting new wolves out in the world. Speaking of which: both new books are now up in the WOLFSHOP, with a special deal, even!

And NOW, for your preview-y pleasure, the first two pages of Dakota McFadzean‘s completely brilliant WEREPUPS comic!


We Have a New Slogan.

It is, “don’t forget that bag of meat!”

I mean, really, that is probably the greatest line to ever be written in a werewolf comic. DON’T FORGET THAT BAG OF MEAT.

This is the first page of Melissa Mendes‘ WEREPUPS comic! When thinking of cartoonists for our kids volume, Melissa was a no-brainer. Which is convenient, since we do forget our brains sometimes. Check out her Freddy comics; they’re super great!

Josh Josh Wolf Wolf

We here at WOLFHQ are hard at work getting our TWO new books ready for your eyes! This weekend! At MECAF! Take a gander at the first couple pages of Wolfy Editor JOSH ROSEN‘s comic! And just know… just know that it gets pretty CRAZY after this. Know that.

News, News, Big News!

Hello internet! Do we have some news for you today! We told you that we’d be at MECAF, but that is not all there is to say!

We’ll be tabling at Paint and Pixel Fest in Northampton, MA on Saturday, April 16, 2011! We’ll have Werewolf! issues 1-3 and some individual works, too. We’re psyched! Awooooo!

But, again, back to the MECAF thing? That show in Maine that we hold so dear? Hold still, I’ll whisper in your ear. Worry not, Werewolves you won’t have to fear! ‘Cause you can read even more stories about them! YEAH.

We will be DEBUTING WEREWOLF! ISSUE 4! It’s going to be HUGE! Seriously, we are so excited about the line-up for this issue. There are some old friends and some fresh meat showing up for the party. This comic’s gonna be HEARTY!

BUT WAIT, WE’RE NOT DONE! Perhaps, in your life, there is a young one? Or maybe you just happen to have a liking for stories made for the kiddies? That are also werewolf stories? Because, along with issue 4, we’re ALSO releasing a special kid-friendly Werewolf Pups issue! BRING ON THE WEE PEOPLE!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the first page of the Werewolf! issue 4 comic offering from the ever-stellar Jammin’ Jesse Lonergan!!!

Werewolf!!! Preview: Nick Patten

Dear friends and readers! Did you note the glorious review in the previous post? Did you sit seated on the seat of your britches wondering when you would get to see Editor No-no-notorious Nick‘s Werewolf!!! contribution? Did you ever fathom that perhaps you would encounter THE ENTIRETY OF HIS STORY RIGHT HERE? You will. Here and now! RIGHT HERE!

Werewolf!!! Preview: Penina Gal

There is really only one thing that can be said about WEREWOLF Editor Powerhouse Penina Gal’s latest wolfy opus, and that is “Holy cow, girlfriend, this shiz is rad as heck. Are you channeling Charles Burns or something, because mmm mmm mmm, it smells like tasty brushwork up in here. I mean, dang. Did somebody level up, or did somebody level UP? FOR REAL!”

….truly, this is all that can be said. And now we will let the work speak for itself, in its eloquent and decorous manner.


You can read the rest of “Cubs” in WEREWOLF!!! (issue 3), available soon, from this very site! Stay tuned for more news on where wolf is available. Werewolf is available. Where… Werewolf… is available for purchase.

Werewolf!!! Preview: B. Swardlick

We thought we would follow up the last post about shiny reviews with this next preview! CONTINUITY, my friends!

We expounded on our love for Editor Baddass B. Swardlick’s comics in the last post, but that will not stop us from keeping it going! We love these comics! They crack us up. It’s the truth, and nothing will change it. Here, have the first three pages of the fourth “Failwolves” story: