Heeeey! Wolfs will be at CAKE! Come hang out with us in Chicagooooo! We’ll have all five issues. Also, editors P&B will have a new zine has absolutely nothing to do with werewolves. Well, you can probably find a connection if you try hard enough. But. Anyway. Sometimes… sometimes this happens.


Exit Through The Wolf Shop!

Hi there, luscious lupine lads and ladies…. it’s been a little quiet around here since we wrapped production on the fourth and fourth-and-a-half installments of Our Dear Anthology of Wooolves: WEREWOLF 4 and its companion volume WEREPUPS. Thanks again to everyone who cast aside their irritation and disgust, rolled up their sleeves and said “What, really? You want me to…. uhhhhh fine, here’s your stupid [INSERT EXTREMELY VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TOWARD OUR LIVELIHOOD HERE].” We love you, you know… you big ol’… people.

Anyhowsle! Earlier this season (as in, actually, the one before it) Editors Penina Gal and Betsey Swardlick had the extreme honor of attending The Dark Carnival Horror Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana under the auspices of that ineffable good-time guy, Denis St. John.

We try to shelter the viewing audience from our borderline-dangerous piercing gazes by making sure only one of us looks at the camera at a time.

Dr. Calimari and his crew of basement ghouls accepted us warmly into their mixed barbershop chorus. See where hanging out with weirdos gets you? ON STAGE AT THE BUSKIRK-CHUMLY, FOLKS.

Ahh, the silver screen. I have only one word to say to you to convey exactly how much you wish you had been with us at Dark Carnival, and that word is “Velocipastor.”




Oh glorious MECAF!

We knew our weekend would be golden when we saw this brilliant license plate/car brand combo at a rest stop on the way to Maine:

We arrived at the Portland waterfront and set up our table. Here you can see wolfy wares sandwiched between friends (who all happen to be Werewolf! contributors!) David Yoder, Nomi Kane, and Matt Aucoin!

Here Yoder highlights Matt’s awesome Pac-ghost belt:

Another wolf contributor friend, Denis St. John, presents our rainbow display of wolfy goodness.

Colleen Frakes and Jon Chad, ALSO both Werewolf! contributors (dang!), at their table of excellent comics:

And here, the ever fantastic Caitlin Plovnick and Robyn Chapman at their table, as seen over a span of CCS students’ comics:

CCS President Michelle Ollie approves of the new Werewolf!

And this boy and his dad prove that werewolves really ARE fun for the whole family!

We love MECAF so much, I mean, really, what other show has an ocean view?

And, to cap it off, Caitlin McGurk and Andrew Greenstone show off this rad drawing from the kid across the aisle from us:

Keep It Steady, Wolfer

As stated previously, MECAF was more fun than a Babysitters’ Club reading marathon after an ice-cream social. You know what I’m talking about, oh yeah. None of that was code, by the way. Ann M. Martin fans for life!

Yoder and Penina (super-bad) holding the fort at MECAF. Photo by Jen Vaughn.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and high-fived!

Wolf-friend Jen Vaughn wrote up a scintillating con report in The Beat! Check it out!

News, News, Big News!

Hello internet! Do we have some news for you today! We told you that we’d be at MECAF, but that is not all there is to say!

We’ll be tabling at Paint and Pixel Fest in Northampton, MA on Saturday, April 16, 2011! We’ll have Werewolf! issues 1-3 and some individual works, too. We’re psyched! Awooooo!

But, again, back to the MECAF thing? That show in Maine that we hold so dear? Hold still, I’ll whisper in your ear. Worry not, Werewolves you won’t have to fear! ‘Cause you can read even more stories about them! YEAH.

We will be DEBUTING WEREWOLF! ISSUE 4! It’s going to be HUGE! Seriously, we are so excited about the line-up for this issue. There are some old friends and some fresh meat showing up for the party. This comic’s gonna be HEARTY!

BUT WAIT, WE’RE NOT DONE! Perhaps, in your life, there is a young one? Or maybe you just happen to have a liking for stories made for the kiddies? That are also werewolf stories? Because, along with issue 4, we’re ALSO releasing a special kid-friendly Werewolf Pups issue! BRING ON THE WEE PEOPLE!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the first page of the Werewolf! issue 4 comic offering from the ever-stellar Jammin’ Jesse Lonergan!!!


There will be WOLVES


Yeeeah, you heard it here: Team Werewolf is going to be at MECAF, and we’ll be debuting some EXCITING NEW WOLFY COMIC BOOKS! More info to come… in the FUTURE!

(all images taken from the internet and not made by any of us. I didn’t find credits; please don’t sue us, internet. Thanks.)


We here at Werewolf HQ are recently returned from MICE in Boston! We had a SHOCKINGLY good time! Thanks to everyone who came by to visit us and procure our comics. If you couldn’t attend but still wish to acquire our new book, it will be up online VERY SOON! We will keep you posted, believe us.

Here are some photographs!

Wolf friend Em Sauter, Editor Nick Patten, and Editor Penina Gal.

Wolf friend Jen Vaughn

Wolf friend Cathy Leamy

Wolf friend Aya Rothwell