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Punched as pickles, over here.


Oh hi internet people! What? You haven’t seen us around, lately? You maybe thought we were dead or at least living a decadent and hedonistic lifestyle so overindulgent that we couldn’t summon the strength to roll away from our mountain of Spicy Chk’n Patties to key-mash out a communiqué on the typing machine? HA. SO WRONG. While we can’t reveal the exact details of the last few months, what we can say is maybe we were hibernating. Ok, we weren’t.

BUT LOOK AT THESE HATS! LOOK AT THESE FREAKING HATS.  Chosen at random by incredibly fair lottery that involved no bribery whatsoever, the percentage of Team Werewolf that lives in Indiana now sports incredible Werewolf Hats, handmade by Craftstress Extraordinaire (Among Many Other Super-Badass Things) Anne Thalheimer! If you have met us, ever, you know that some of us already don’t know how to live life without the Monster Hats we bought from Anne many moons ago, and now we don’t know how to live life EVEN MORE! Thank you, Anne!

I am telling you, friends, nothing feels as good as a plush, fleecy monster keeping your brain warm with its mouth. BELIEVE.

That’s basically it. But can we talk about this photo for a second? Are we liking something on Facebook? Have we missed the 4 o’clock 38 Living Room Express Bus and are trying to rectify the situation by hitchhiking? Also, observant readers may note that P is wearing the same hoodie as she was in the previous post. Does she only have one hoodie?!

Stay tuned for more scintillating talking points, and NEWS ABOUT WHERE WE WILL BE IN JUNE! ALLOW IT. Ok, I will now stop making “Attack The Block” references that nobody gets.



Exit Through The Wolf Shop!

Hi there, luscious lupine lads and ladies…. it’s been a little quiet around here since we wrapped production on the fourth and fourth-and-a-half installments of Our Dear Anthology of Wooolves: WEREWOLF 4 and its companion volume WEREPUPS. Thanks again to everyone who cast aside their irritation and disgust, rolled up their sleeves and said “What, really? You want me to…. uhhhhh fine, here’s your stupid [INSERT EXTREMELY VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TOWARD OUR LIVELIHOOD HERE].” We love you, you know… you big ol’… people.

Anyhowsle! Earlier this season (as in, actually, the one before it) Editors Penina Gal and Betsey Swardlick had the extreme honor of attending The Dark Carnival Horror Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana under the auspices of that ineffable good-time guy, Denis St. John.

We try to shelter the viewing audience from our borderline-dangerous piercing gazes by making sure only one of us looks at the camera at a time.

Dr. Calimari and his crew of basement ghouls accepted us warmly into their mixed barbershop chorus. See where hanging out with weirdos gets you? ON STAGE AT THE BUSKIRK-CHUMLY, FOLKS.

Ahh, the silver screen. I have only one word to say to you to convey exactly how much you wish you had been with us at Dark Carnival, and that word is “Velocipastor.”


Keep It Steady, Wolfer

As stated previously, MECAF was more fun than a Babysitters’ Club reading marathon after an ice-cream social. You know what I’m talking about, oh yeah. None of that was code, by the way. Ann M. Martin fans for life!

Yoder and Penina (super-bad) holding the fort at MECAF. Photo by Jen Vaughn.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and high-fived!

Wolf-friend Jen Vaughn wrote up a scintillating con report in The Beat! Check it out!



We interrupt these previews for a REVIEW

AW YEAH LOOKIT our Editor Nick-the-Nunchaku Patten all gettin’ reviewed by The Comics Journal!

Rich Kreiner, that paragon of class and taste, reviews Nick’s mini Unreachable Beasts #1 here:

Rich calls Unreachable Beasts #1 “cleverly realized, charmingly crafted, unapologetically off-kilter and continually surprising,” which is exactly correct! He also calls it CLASSICAL, which should make you think twice about dissing Rachmaninoff in casual conversation…. he shares an adjective with NICK EFFING PATTEN, he has to be kind of cool!

Don’t forget to expose yourself to Nick’s blog now and again to keep up with what Purplo is doing. That little purple man is always up to something.

Werewolf!!! Preview: Penina Gal

There is really only one thing that can be said about WEREWOLF Editor Powerhouse Penina Gal’s latest wolfy opus, and that is “Holy cow, girlfriend, this shiz is rad as heck. Are you channeling Charles Burns or something, because mmm mmm mmm, it smells like tasty brushwork up in here. I mean, dang. Did somebody level up, or did somebody level UP? FOR REAL!”

….truly, this is all that can be said. And now we will let the work speak for itself, in its eloquent and decorous manner.


You can read the rest of “Cubs” in WEREWOLF!!! (issue 3), available soon, from this very site! Stay tuned for more news on where wolf is available. Werewolf is available. Where… Werewolf… is available for purchase.