“Every entry in this anthology felt like it had a purpose, and at 40 pages it was just the right length. With a striking cover (complete with glow-in-the-dark paint), it’s one of the best anthologies to emerge from CCS.”
– Rob Clough, The Comics Journal (on volume 1)

“This [anthology] is definitely inspired. What could have been a cheese-fest turned out to contain some of the best work I’ve ever seen from about everyone who contributed. If you see this thing around, definitely give it a chance.”
-Gabby “Ken Dahl” Schulz, Eisner-nominated and Ignatz-winning creator of Monsters and Welcome to the Dahl House

“This anthology is clearly edited with a lot of care and thought regarding both its contents and the order in which they appear. There’s a cohesiveness lacking in many other minicomics anthologies that Werewolf!! possesses, and its theme winds up being a useful reference point that opens up a lot of possibilities for wide variety of storytelling approaches. It’s obvious that the contributors to this anthology were committed to doing the best stories possible rather than hacking something out.”
– Rob Clough, The Comics Journal (on volume 2)

“The single most invigorating aspect of Team Werewolf’s regard for the titular subject in this anthology is their multiplicity of approaches. … As a whole, the level of drawing is better than many self-published anthologies can claim, especially given the number of entries and range in tenor.”
– Rich Kreiner, The Comics Journal (on volume 2)


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