Punched as pickles, over here.


Oh hi internet people! What? You haven’t seen us around, lately? You maybe thought we were dead or at least living a decadent and hedonistic lifestyle so overindulgent that we couldn’t summon the strength to roll away from our mountain of Spicy Chk’n Patties to key-mash out a communiqué on the typing machine? HA. SO WRONG. While we can’t reveal the exact details of the last few months, what we can say is maybe we were hibernating. Ok, we weren’t.

BUT LOOK AT THESE HATS! LOOK AT THESE FREAKING HATS.  Chosen at random by incredibly fair lottery that involved no bribery whatsoever, the percentage of Team Werewolf that lives in Indiana now sports incredible Werewolf Hats, handmade by Craftstress Extraordinaire (Among Many Other Super-Badass Things) Anne Thalheimer! If you have met us, ever, you know that some of us already don’t know how to live life without the Monster Hats we bought from Anne many moons ago, and now we don’t know how to live life EVEN MORE! Thank you, Anne!

I am telling you, friends, nothing feels as good as a plush, fleecy monster keeping your brain warm with its mouth. BELIEVE.

That’s basically it. But can we talk about this photo for a second? Are we liking something on Facebook? Have we missed the 4 o’clock 38 Living Room Express Bus and are trying to rectify the situation by hitchhiking? Also, observant readers may note that P is wearing the same hoodie as she was in the previous post. Does she only have one hoodie?!

Stay tuned for more scintillating talking points, and NEWS ABOUT WHERE WE WILL BE IN JUNE! ALLOW IT. Ok, I will now stop making “Attack The Block” references that nobody gets.



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