Exit Through The Wolf Shop!

Hi there, luscious lupine lads and ladies…. it’s been a little quiet around here since we wrapped production on the fourth and fourth-and-a-half installments of Our Dear Anthology of Wooolves: WEREWOLF 4 and its companion volume WEREPUPS. Thanks again to everyone who cast aside their irritation and disgust, rolled up their sleeves and said “What, really? You want me to…. uhhhhh fine, here’s your stupid [INSERT EXTREMELY VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TOWARD OUR LIVELIHOOD HERE].” We love you, you know… you big ol’… people.

Anyhowsle! Earlier this season (as in, actually, the one before it) Editors Penina Gal and Betsey Swardlick had the extreme honor of attending The Dark Carnival Horror Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana under the auspices of that ineffable good-time guy, Denis St. John.

We try to shelter the viewing audience from our borderline-dangerous piercing gazes by making sure only one of us looks at the camera at a time.

Dr. Calimari and his crew of basement ghouls accepted us warmly into their mixed barbershop chorus. See where hanging out with weirdos gets you? ON STAGE AT THE BUSKIRK-CHUMLY, FOLKS.

Ahh, the silver screen. I have only one word to say to you to convey exactly how much you wish you had been with us at Dark Carnival, and that word is “Velocipastor.”



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