Werewolf!!! Preview: Penina Gal

There is really only one thing that can be said about WEREWOLF Editor Powerhouse Penina Gal’s latest wolfy opus, and that is “Holy cow, girlfriend, this shiz is rad as heck. Are you channeling Charles Burns or something, because mmm mmm mmm, it smells like tasty brushwork up in here. I mean, dang. Did somebody level up, or did somebody level UP? FOR REAL!”

….truly, this is all that can be said. And now we will let the work speak for itself, in its eloquent and decorous manner.


You can read the rest of “Cubs” in WEREWOLF!!! (issue 3), available soon, from this very site! Stay tuned for more news on where wolf is available. Werewolf is available. Where… Werewolf… is available for purchase.


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