Reviews, Reviews, We Love Reviews

One of our very own renowned and astound–ing (rhyme? yes?) editors has been REVIEWED! “Reviewed, you say?!” we hear you ask. “Yes, reviewed!” we answer, with gusto. For it is true.

Take a gander at Rich Kreiner’s review of Failwolves, by Betsey Swardlick, over on The Comics Journal’s website!

Failwolves contains stories featured in the first two Werewolf! anthologies, as well as a third that can currently only be found in the reviewed collection, but rumor on the street has it that it will be available on its own in the future. If you, too, have read these stories and love them as much as we do, you will be positively delighted to know that the fourth installment of this adventuresome duo is currently alive in print in Werewolf!!! (being, as we like to repeat, volume 3). Soon to be previewed here on this very blorg.

Our favorite line from the review, speaking of the comics’ lovably lively lycanthropic leads, is this: “For them, being a werewolf is like a super-duper energy drink plus hair.”
Also plus dental barfing. Can’t forget that.


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